“Make Art Happen”

Naomi Topuzoglu is the Art Advisor and CEO for ArtDreams. Click below to read about her artistic beginnings and how she came to be the ArtDreams specialist. We certainly love Naomi here at ArtDreams. She is not only involved inside the Studio, but outside as well. She is one creative gal!

New Shows

  • Nov 15 - ArtDreams Art ShowOur Art Show was a success. Lot of great people and art, coupled with great food and wine made this event spectacular!

What’s New


A New Employee at ArtDreams
Let's welcome Johanna Pani to this creative Studio.


ArtDreams Art Show
ArtDreams held its very first successful art show. Click below to see some fantastic event pictures.


Arts & Crafts Day
To help out parents during the BC Teachers Federation Job Action 100 Braid St. is helping!

About ArtDreams

Art and Design is an intricate part of life. An expression of emotion and personality through aesthetic works. Everywhere we look we are faced with artistic expression –both manmade and in creation. Balance is sensed when a well composed image is created, or an idea slowly transforms into a vibrant piece of art. We use colour, line, shapes, white space, images or type, to create a masterpiece or a vision of thought. The thought process can impact one to transcend contentment or joy, or move the viewer to where the artist wants to lead them. The satisfaction of a well made image truly is a beautiful thing.

ArtDreams has made a rule in following this train of thought in all its efforts to capture the essence of emotion in our designs, our fine art and in our photography.We have been creating fine art for over 25 years. During that time, our artists have grown to a substantian amount with a wide variety of genres, mediums, concepts and ideas.

This is a place where new ideas, innovations, and creativity are welcome. It is a place of respect, camaraderie, and belonging. When you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, come visit with us anytime. We specialize in creating solutions for visual platforms. Each team member adapts rapidly to the changing digital trends and art styles, as we are committed to deliver not only a product that exceeds clients expectations, but to be continually innovative in each creation. We work to create unique and individual pieces of art that reflect our whimsical personality, as well as appeal to a variety of other styles and tastes. We believe that art is never being afraid to explore, innovate and create.

Whether you’re based in the United States or Overseas, ArtDreams can accommodate any needs, internationally.

Featured Artist

We are featuring the works of Naomi Topuzoglu this month. Check back each month to see which new artist ArtDreams is featuring!

ArtDreams has wide variety of artwork to suit your visual needs, from office to home.

ArtDreams supports people with disabilities. We also volunteer for non-profit organizations. Want to know more? Contact us today!